Explorations Into Faith, South East CDC (EIF)

A ground up initiative to build meaningful interfaith awareness, understanding and friendships through dialogue.

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What's EIF?

EIF is a ground up initiative of the Southeast Community Development Council founded in 2007. With the potential for disruption and tension within our increasingly diverse society, it is even more essential that personal and relational communities are nurtured to flourish, EIF has grown with Singapore's deliberate current emphasis on racial and religious dialogue. EIF has been growing a genuine space and capacity for building meaningful interfaith awareness, understanding and friendships through dialogue. For the past decade in which EIF dialogues have been ongoing, our significance as well as contribution to advancing/spreading racial and religious harmony has been acknowledged as having a personal touch. Our facilitators are also often claimed to facilitate many national initiatives ranging from the annual Harmony Works Conference to Our Singapore Conversation dialogues.

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What We Do


We organize dialogues across a variety of interfaith topics, from discussing the interrelation between faith and sexuality to sharing ideas about faith and art. We aim to create a safe and engaging space for our participants to feel comfortable sharing on topics that they otherwise would not have avenues to express their thoughts about, as these topics are often sensitive or rarely talked about. We are constantly introducing new topics in our series of dialogues, so be sure to keep your eyes out for them!


The UnConference, also know as "Open Space", is an innovative way for us to bring people together to work on issues facing their communities. It empowers participants to set agenda that are relevant, dynamic and flexible. Multiple track discussions circles balanced with larger group dialogues are also the hallmarks of the UnConference. Open to an extraordinary, highly engaging and deeply meaningful experience? Join us in our next UnConference to find out more!

Facilitator Training

We invest time into training our volunteers to be skilled facilitators. Given the sensitive nature of the topics in our dialogues as well as the high level of engagement required of participants in our UnConference, we have to ensure that our facilitators are able to effectively and meaningfully motivate and mediate. Our facilitators are empowered to motivate participants to be active contributors in discussions, and are confident in creating a fun and supportive environment for sharing.

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